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Norman to Rehabilitate Stress Fracture

Greg Norman is undergoing treatment for a stress fracture of a vertebrae, suffered through countless hours of hitting golf balls.
He was diagnosed by Dr. Richard Kinard of Gainesville, Fla. The stress fracture is on the right facet of the L5 vertebrae. The prescribed rebilitation, according to Normans website, is rest and ongoing treatments by Dr. Kinard.
Norman was referred to Kinard after an examination by neurosurgical sports medicine specialist Dr. Arthur Day at the Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston.
'Dr. Day suggested I rest my back for four to six weeks,' Norman said on the website. 'He told me to continue doing everything that I normally would with the exception of any activity that creates torque or extensional stress on my spine -- which eliminates golf for a few weeks.
'My desire remains to return to the game as soon as possible with the ultimate goal to be both mentally and physically prepared for a return to St. George's for the (British) Open Championship in July, and if I get back on the golf course sometime in May I will have every opportunity to be sharp for that event.'
'Greg's injury is fairly common in people that play sports professionally, particularly golf,' said Day. 'It is generally not career threatening, and is usually treatable through anti-inflammatory medications, rest and proper exercise. I have reassured Greg that his setback should most likely be only temporary.'