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Palmer To Be Repositioned in USGA

United States Golf Association president Trey Holland said Sunday that the organization is considering removing Arnold Palmer from his 25-year stint as honorary chairperson of the organization's membership program.
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Palmer has already been relieved of his title. Holland said that is not yet the case.
'Mr. Palmer has not been removed from this position. That has not taken place,' Holland told The Golf Channel from his home in Indianapolis, Ind.
The issue stems from Palmer's endorsement of Callaway's non-conforming ERC II driver, which exceeds the USGA's allowance for 'spring-like effect.' The USGA has decreed the club illegal for competition or to post scores for determining an official handicap.
Holland acknowledged that a 'difficult decision' will be made. What the 71-year-old golfing legend's position in the USGA, if any, has not been defined.
'Nobody has done more for the game of golf than Arnold Palmer. Nobody has done more for the USGA than Arnold Palmer,' Holland stated. 'We would love to see Arnold Palmer come back into the fold where he has always been. But obviously, he can't be a spokesperson for our rule of golf issues.'
Palmer could not be reached for comment.
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