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Player Delighted at Masters Invite

Gary Players statement on chairman Hootie Johnsons new edict regarding past champions competing:
I am delighted with the decision and feel like a ton has been lifted from my shoulders. I respect the fact that Hootie Johnson and his committee have the courage and humility to admit they were wrong and change back to the former tradition set by Bobby Jones and Cliff Roberts that still only exists at The Masters.
I have been one of the few players who has been outspoken of various decisions the Masters has made, and I would like to think this has played a small part in them changing their minds. Constructive criticism is always good, and notwithstanding my position, but lets not look back. This tournament has a very special place in my heart and it has played a significant role in my life.
I now look forward to returning again in the future and continuing to be a part of this special tournament, as long as I can. This still may be my last competitive appearance and I will just have to take it year by year and see, but now at least I feel welcomed again. Of course, the responsibility remains with the past champions to not just show up, but at very least compete in the first two rounds of the tournament.
Change is the price of survival and if there is going to be any further change on this age matter in the future, I would suggest the Masters consider a cut-off age of 65 for all future Masters champions.
This year, the 25th anniversary of Players last Masters victory and his 50th year as a professional golfer, would have marked the Hall of Fame golfers final appearance.