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Pro Tour Hawaii Hits the Bricks

Pro Tour Hawaii, a recently developed professional golf tour consisting of ten tournaments spread around the island-state, has gone out of business amidst controversy and widespread accusations of criminal activity, sources say.
The tour, which had guaranteed a total of $1.1 million in prize money for the year, was owned and operated by Sandy Mohr and his wife, and had only completed three of its scheduled events, when suddenly it was simply cancelled.
Mohr and his wife have apparently disappeared.
The tour had attracted some 60 golfers, each of whom paid an entry fee of $11,500. They are all going home now, including the winners of the first three tournaments, their prize checks having bounced.
The biggest name that the tour had attracted was 68-year-old Ben Wright. Wright, a man of golf for over 45 years, was hired to announce the tour's events, but left shortly before the controversy struck and issued a press release concerning the matter on Feb. 7.
'I love the game of golf, and must do everything I can to honor and cherish it,' the statement read. 'Golf is a game of honor, and I base my participation in any project on that standard alone.'
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