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Reprieve Gives Irwin Skins Title

Senior Skins GameJack Nicklaus was in a precarious position. Make a putt and possibly lose. Miss and definitely win. Nicklaus decided to make the putt, and as a result, Hale Irwin walked away with the Senior Skins Game title.
Nicklaus could have won the match in regulation by missing a four-foot birdie putt at the 18th hole. The miss would have given Gary Player $180,000, but would have guaranteed Nicklaus the overall victory with $260,000. Instead, Nicklaus made the putt to force extra holes.
'I never miss on purpose,' Nicklaus said; though upon making the putt he quipped, 'I want to stab myself.'
Nicklaus, Player, Irwin and Arnold Palmer went back to the 18th hole, where Irwin converted a three-foot birdie putt to collect the $180,000. The win boosted his overall total to $320,000 and seven skins, enough to capture his second Senior Skins Game title (1999).
Overall, Nicklaus earned ten skins worth $260,000. Palmer captured one skin worth $20,000, while defending champion Player was shutout.