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Riley Fined For Airline Outburst

Australian player Wayne Riley has been fined by the Australasian PGA Tour for breach of conduct during a flight from South Africa to Australia last week. Riley was fined an undisclosed amount after a 3- hour disciplinary hearing where he was found guilty of the offense.
Riley was escorted from the airport by security after his flight landed in Perth following an altercation with another passenger last week. No charges were filed in the incident.
'I sincerely regret any embarrassment my behavior has caused both Tours, my family and the game. I want to put this issue behind me and I will undertake to resolve my behavior problems and adhere to the requests of the PGA Tour (Australian) in relation to my problem,' Riley said.
Australasian Tour CEO Andy Laidlaw said Riley's behavior on the flight was a serious breach of conduct and that any similar incidents would lead to further discipline.
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