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Scot Sinks Worlds Longest Putt

Scotlands Fergus Muir has sunk the longest putt on record, according to the London Times newspaper.
Muir, 66, was playing on the Eden course at St. Andrews when his threesome reached the par-3 fifth. Muir, a 13-handicapper, had already seen partners Peter Gillespie and George Fullerton hit their tee shots over the green. So he decided to use a putter.
We saw the ball go towards the two-tier green over the undulating mounds in the fairway and then lost sight of it, Muir told The Times. On reaching the green, he was amazed to find that he had holed out ' in one! The ball had traveled 375 feet from tee to cup.
He used a hickory-shafted putter that is 80 years old, manufactured by Condie of St Andrews. The club was given to him when he was 13 by an uncle.
The Guinness Book of Records team was informed and did an exhaustive investigation, whereupon Muir received a certificate in recognition of his feat.