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Senior Tour Hopefuls March On To Final Stage of Qualifying

Six sessions of regional qualifying for the 2001 Senior PGA Tour were completed Saturday throughout the country. From these stops, a total of 83 players aged 50 and over will advance to the finals held in late November at the Walt Disney Resort in Orlando, Fla.
They are listed, by event site, as follows:
PGA Southern California Golf Club, Calimesa, Calif.:
Thirteen advance, finishing in this order--Bobby Walzel, Yoshi Yamamoto, John Schroeder, Lon Hinkle, Gary Lindeblad, Tom Fortuna, Bob Shearer, Barry Jaeckel, Michael Muranyi, Ray Carrasco, Bob Lendzion, Dan Nishimoto and Carlos Acosta.
Moors Golf Club, Milton, Fla.:
Fourteen advance, finishing in this order--Sammy Rachels, Terry Mauney, Fred Hansen, Bill Anderson, David Broach, Will Sowles, Ron Terry, Ronnie Hutchinson, Frank Shikle, Blair Lacy, Mike Buja, Rod Curl, Wayne McDonald and Mike Riddle.
Rio Rico Resort, Rio Rico, Ariz.:
Fourteen players advance, finishing in this order--John Benda, Paul Reed, Steve Stull, Dwight Nevil, Jack Spradlin Jr., Clyde Hughey, Gary Vanier, Bob Campbell, Joe Huber, Ron Parsons, Alan Tapie, Fritz Gambetta, Pat McDonald and Butch Sheehan.
Canyon Springs, San Antonio, Tex.:
Thirteen players advance, finishing in this order-Bobby Cornett, Ed Brooks, Dave Ojala, John Grace, David Armstrong, Joseph Arredondo, Ross Bartschy, Chris Hooper, Tom Strueber, Bill Holstead, Sammy Borden, Kurt Cox and Babe Hiskey.
Marsh Creek Country Club, St. Augustine, Fla.:
Fifteen players advance, finishing in this order-George Burns, Jerry Tucker, Doug Johnson, David Oakley, Jim McCorkle, Tommy Price, Terry Florence, Ted Goin, Ken Corliss, Ken Allard, Tommy Thomas, Bunky Henry, Denis O'Sullivan, Larry Ringer, Spike Smith and Tom Knapp.
MetroWest Country Club, Orlando, Fla.:
Fourteen players advance, finishing in this order-Jay Overton, Randy Erskine, Michael Zinni, Dan Wood, Gar Hamilton, James Mason, Gary Wintz, Horacio Carbonetti, Barney Thompson, Alberto Giannone, Bobby Stroble, Gary Baker, Jim Sheerin and Buzz Thomas.