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Shotlink to Delay Its Debut

The PGA Tour's latest project, ShotLink, has been put on hold this week at the Genuity Championship in Miami, Fla.
Rich Lerner reports on the Shotlink system.
Shotlink, a system that will use handheld devices and wireless technologies employed on-course to track in-depth play information for every player, has been suspended indefinately by the Tour.PGA Tour (75x100)
The problems arose for the Tour from a technical standpoint on Tuesday. But in reality, the true issues at hand could prove to come from caddies.
Nearly all loopers on the Tour have objected to the new-wave system of computer-golf, citing that not only is it against the rules of the game, but also that they should be compensated for their participation in the effort.
Tiger Woods' caddie, Steve Williams, has stated his objection to Shotlink, adding to the uproar.
Should the project be successful to the Tour's liking, caddies will be responsible for relaying such information as exact yardages and club selection to volunteers with hand held computers, who will enter the information live and on-site. The data will be available for anyone with access to the Internet.
The caddies are demanding $75 per day for their participation. The Tour has yet to respond.
Said PGA Tour Policy Board Chairman: 'It's new, but they'll get it worked out. If a couple of guys don't want to cooperate..the Tour will find a way to work around it.'
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