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ShotLink Program Coming Under Scrutiny

One of the PGA Tour's latest projects, ShotLink, has been brought into a slight state of controversy entering its debut at the Genuity Championship next week at the Doral Golf Resort and Spa in Miami, Fla.
Shotlink, the futuristic information system that will bring tournament statistics and information into the hands of virtually anyone who is interested by way of handheld computers on site, has been criticized by players and caddies as being detrimental to the game.
Players have expressed concern that too much information will be made not only to the public, but also to fellow competitors who may not have teed off yet in any given event.
Caddies have also expressed their dissatisfaction at the tour as well, in that no additional compensation was offered to them for their services.
Tiger Woods has been one of the most notable, and most vocal, in his disapproval of the new internet-based program.
The tour has responded to these issues, and has decided not to include club selection as a feature of next week's unveiling of ShotLink at the Genuity.
They plan on working out details of the remainder of the operation over the next few weeks.
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