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US Changes Solheim Qualifying Process

The U.S. Solheim Cup qualifying process has been changed for the 2005 team. The qualifying will be awarded to U.S.-born LPGA Tour players who finish in the top 20 instead of the top 10 places - the procedure since the event's inception in 1990.
Ten players qualify for the U.S. team by earning points for wins and top 20 finishes over a two-year qualifying period. Two others are selected by the captain, which will be Nancy Lopez in 2005. Players began earning points toward the 2005 Solheim Cup at the 2003 State Farm Classic.
Qualifying points for the U.S. team are awarded weekly to the top-20 finishers and ties at official LPGA events.
Only U.S.-born LPGA Tour players are eligible for selection for the U.S. Solheim Cup team. Point values for Solheim Cup points are:
Non-Solheim Cup years - 40 points for first, 20 for second and descending to 2 points for 20th place;;
Solheim Cup years - 60 points for first, 30 for second, 28.5 for third, 27 for fourth, 25.5 for fifth, 24 for sixth, 22.5 for seventh, 21 for eighth, 19.5 for ninth, 18 for 10th, 16.5 for 11th, 15 for 12th, 13.5 for 13th, 12 for 14th, 10.5 for 15th, 9 for 16th, 7.5 for 17th, 6 for 18th, 4.5 for 19th and 3 for 20th.
The points listed above are doubled at the four major championships every year. The 2005 U.S. Solheim Cup team will be announced in late August/early September 2005.