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Wright Returns To His Roots

Beginning in January, longtime golf commentator and analyst Ben Wright will be making a return to the broadcasting booth in the world of professional golf.
Wright, who spent 24 years covering the sport as part of the CBS team, will be returning to host Pro Tour Hawaii, a new series of ten professional golf tournaments held in the Hawaiian Islands.
The series will be seen on The Golf Channel in the United States and Canada, and through CNBC Sports in Europe, Africa and Asia.
At 68-years-old, Wright left CBS in 1996, and has since been working on an autobiography, not to mention writing columns for various websites and magazines.
However, he seems excited about his new venture back to the booth.
'Above all, I am a golf man,' he claimed. 'Golf is undeniably my life's work. I am eager to immerse myself in golf coverage again and excited to share the information and experience I've gained by covering golf for over 45 years.'