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Golf Stance & Winter Tips

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Breed’s Reads
-When someone is stronger or has more mass in the upper body area sometimes it affects his/her set-up because he/she leans over too far which reduces or eliminates the space between hands and thighs. The brain tells the body to stand up making the chest moves up and away from the ball.  This movement makes the club shaft taller.  Starting low at setup, ending high at contact starts to mess with the club face.  Holding the club properly is also key.  The club needs to rest at a 45 degree angle along the palm of the hand (not perpendicular in the fingers of the hand).  Rotate the lead hand toward trail shoulder so the club face can be more square, higher in the palm and a little bit to the trail side.  The body becomes more stable and creates better balance.

-Most typically the reason people lose balance is because their club face is open. When setting up, place a balance rod under your feet to help you in building heel weight. This will help prevent losing balance toward the toe and maintain dynamic balance in the arches of the feet.

-During the winter, everybody gets a little bit less active which can make you and your golf game stiff!  To get more limber and enhance the range of motion in your golf swing, it is very important to increase shoulder rotation.  The best way to do this is increasing the flexibility in your hips.  Without a club, setup like you're going to hit a shot.  Fold your arms across your chest and pivot your hips while your shoulders stay still.

Facebook Question (Blog Exclusive)
Q Lower body appears to be getting forward but trouble getting upper body forward, which causes contact behind ball sometimes. (Kevin McArthur)

A: Stand on your lead foot with your trail foot in the air, the sole pointed behind you. This will help your contact and coordinate your upper and lower body.

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