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Facebook Questions
Q: I am having some issues hitting my hybrids. I feel like I am sweeping at the ball and the result is always horrible. Any advice would be helpful. (Chris Nixt)

A: Move the ball back in your stance and make sure to take a divot.

Q: How do I stop scooping at the bottom of my swing? I play to a 10 handicap but I know I lose a lot of distance with this issue. (Steve Medeiros)

A: Make sure you put a tee 4' infront of the golf ball. When you swing through, hit both the ball and the tee.

Q: Does gripping the club tight or loose change the way you swing in anyway? (Brandon Caliswagg Pamplin)

A: Yes it does, specifically with tempo. The tigher the grip the faster, the lighter the grip the slower.

Q: How to hit a proper punch shot? (Collin Turner)

A: To hit a proper punch shot, abbreviate the backswing and the follow-through, move the ball back in your stance and keep your weight more forward at address and through the shot.

Q: I need a tip for a smooth transition from backswing to downswing. (James Donahue)

A: Take the thumb and index finger of your right hand off the grip so that it looks like a pistol and practice making sure those two fingers stay off the club. That will help synch your arms with your body.

Q: My swing is flat at the top and I have a problem with my hip turn. Any drills or tips? (Jesse Gavey)

A: Stand with your rear end up against a wall and make backswings so that the club doesn't hit the wall.

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