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Learn to Spin the Ball

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Breed’s Reads
-To create spin on the ball, play it further back in your stance, stand a bit closer to the ball to create a steeper angle of attack, keep the face open through the impact zone and limit the club face rotation. To limit the spin, stand further away from the ball, take a fuller swing so the club face goes through the impact zone less aggressively, play the ball in the middle of your stance and rotate the club face after impact.

-Setup and good tempo are key to putting. In order to make sure your set up is correct, while standing over the ball drop another ball directly from your eye and it should land on the ball at address. If it does not adjust accordingly. For tempo, place a coin in the cavity of your putter and make some strokes. If the coin falls out of the cavity, your tempo is too quick.

-Preparation is key for any situation on the golf course. Coming down the stretch, nerves and fatigue will play a crucial role in your success or failure. Make sure you have played out every situation in your head so that when it does come down to the wire you will know exactly what to do.

Facebook Question (Blog Exclusive)
Q: I have a hard time hitting my irons and taking a divot. Any suggestions? (Josh Powers)

A: Feel like the handle of the club coming through the hit is lower and flatter than you’re accustomed to. This should help.

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