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It's a major week. So


Yss, There Are Other Sports Besides Golf

Triple Crown -

NBA Playoffs

Indy 500 - I have a lot of friends that live in Indianapolis, so I don't want to necessarily offend all of them. But, honestly, many people call it Nap Town. As in, please allow me to take a freaking nap for the first 499 miles of the actual race. Then you can wake me as some guy with an awesome Scrabble name wins the race.

French Open tennis - The red clay of Roland Garros ... I love hearing that.

NHL Playoffs


The List

Here, I combine a list of golf-related topics with some completely non-golf related topics.

My current five favorite professional golfers:

1) Phil Mickelson (a lock at No. 1 until he retires)

2) Luke Donald (I just like the guy - plain and simple)

3) Rory McIlroy (talent+potential+likeability+youth=me love you long time)

4) Sergio Garcia (people seem to hate him so much that I feel the need to try and balance it out)

5) Joe Durant (Oh, I love to kid Joe Durant)

Favorite store-bought cookies

1) Double Stuf Oreos

2) Sugar wafers

3) Pepperridge Farms Tahoe - White Chocolate Macadamia

4) Keebler Fudge Stripes

5) Lorna Doones

Random Thoughts

McDonald's versus Chick-fil-A