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A compact swing leads to more accuracy, power

Tiger Woods Compact 304
Getty Images

So many amateur golfers overswing and cross the line at the top of their swings in an effort to build power. They think that the bigger you swing the farther the ball will go.

This is not so, however.

In this photo of Tiger Woods, taken at last week’s Deutsche Bank Championship, you can see how compact his swing is at the top.

This not only helps build power, it also helps him keep his tee shots under control and allows him to hit more fairways.

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Once Woods winds up his torso, his arms stop lifting. This makes him compact and allows him to hit the ball with both his arms and his entire body together. The result is a more powerful swing and a greater chance of squaring the clubface at impact.

The arms and torso must work as a unit to build solid tempo and maintain a strong, balanced swing.

Give this approach a try next time you’re on the course or range. Feel like you are swinging three quarters on your backswing. Still make a full turn but don’t let your arms go above your shoulders.

Watch how much more accurate your shots are and how far they go. I bet you’ll be surprised.

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