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Indoor drills for improving your putting performance

Rory McIlroy Putting 304
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Teaching golfers how to putt better is a huge part of what I do on a day-to-day basis.

With a proposed rule banning anchoring likely to go into effect in the next couple of years, many golfers who have been anchoring with long or belly putters are now looking to change their putting style and putt conventionally.

And there are some great indoor putting drills that they can utilize to work on a putting change this offseason.

Most golfers who have trouble with their putting often have breakdowns at impact or close to impact during the stroke.

That leads to poor contact and terrible distance control, which then leads to a lack of confidence and possibly a case of the yips.

Not good!

Here are some drills that you can do indoors to help you improve your putting:

1. Place two small pillows on the floor. Start your stroke from the midpoint, and swing the putter back and through touching each pillow. Focus on the end of the stroke on both sides, and even pause a bit at each pillow. Don’t use a ball and do a lot of reps.

2. Practice your stroke or hitting putts with your eyes over a mirror, and make sure that your eyes are directly over the center of putter head. This is a great drill and one that’s easy to do.

3. Simply putt around your living room or office, and make it fun. Pick out different targets around the room and be creative. Having fun when you practice your putting can really help when you’re on the course.

With all the current talk on putting rules, it’s a great time to put in some work on your putting. Try these drills and have fun with indoor training.

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