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Learn from NFL players to avoid golf injuries

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We're just about a month into the NFL season and injuries have played a significant role in the fortunes of a number of teams.

With a sport as physical as professional football, injuries are always going to be a huge part of the game.

Even though the game of golf lacks tackling, although wouldn't that be interesting, it does have its share of injuries as well.

Here are some important measures football players take to help prevent injuries that we can transfer to golf, especially as the weather gets cooler:

1. Back to basics. When watching Tom Brady or Peyton Manning at practice, or reading reports from their respective team websites, you see/hear about their preparation. These future Hall of Famers always seem to work on the basics - grip, stance, routine, hitting targets, and routes. Sound familiar? Many golfers try the latest swing techniques instead of solidifying fundamentals like grip, stance, pre-shot routine, and alignment. And when we try new swing techniques, we can be more susceptible to injury because our bodies are not used to moving in a new way.

2. An active warm-up. We have never seen a football team get off the team bus, run out onto the field, line up, and snap the ball. Yet as golfers, we hop out of the car, walk to the driving range or first tee, and start swinging. For a few minutes prior to hitting any shots, stretch and actively move before you start twisting your spine around making a golf swing.

3. Three-point stance. If you conduct an internet search for "football stance," you will see one picture after the next with the same posture/stance. Although there is a two-, three-, and four-point stance in football, all players bend from their pelvis and knees the same way. This is a crucial step in preventing injuries. Can you imagine getting hit by a 300-pound lineman without being in a proper stance? This most certainly applies to golf. The posture position in golf (pelvic bend with a little knee flex) is crucial for preventing injury and for improving your ball-striking.

The next time you are working on your golf game, try these tips and your body will thank you.

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