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Maximize speed at the right time for more distance

Steve Stricker finish 304
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Power. Everyone wants more of it in their golf game, but most don’t understand how to make that happen.

Most players try to make all the power in the swing happen at the ball.

This, however, slows the club down after impact and causes the overall swing speed to be maximized at the wrong time.

The best way to create speed at the correct time in the swing is to think of a race car going into a curve.

The driver pours on the gas and accelerates out of the turn, not into it.

If he put his foot on the gas into the apex of the turn he would lose control of the car.

So the next time you want to build speed into your swing think about accelerating into the finish instead of into impact.

If you do this you’ll maximize speed at the right time and add valuable yards to your game.

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