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SwingFix analysis: Establish an athletic setup position

George Connor Swing Analysis
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Having solid pre-swing fundamentals, especially in your setup, are crucial when it comes to developing a sound, reliable golf swing.

Most notably, setting up to the ball in an athletic posture is a must when it comes to making a good turn away from the ball, which is a key to solid ball-striking and generating power.

Tyler has been struggling to achieve consistent contact and as is addressed in this swing analysis courtesy of SwingFix instructor George Connor his big issue is that he needs to create a setup that’s more athletic.

By setting up too vertically and not having enough tilt behind the ball, Tyler ends up struggling to capitalize on his athleticism in his swing, especially as it relates to his head and upper body moving away from the target at impact.

Enjoy this analysis and take Connor’s advice to heart, as an athletic setup position and good posture will benefit any golfer.

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