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SwingFix analysis: Stop swaying in your backswing

Justin Bruton Swing Analysis
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A common mistake among average golfers is that they tend to sway in their backswings as opposed to loading their weight properly into their trail leg.

A sway is a move that to many feels powerful. It provides the sensation of getting behind the ball but in actuality it makes it tougher to create power, as the upper body tends to lean away from the target, which in turn makes it difficult to square the clubface at impact.

In this video segment, SwingFix instructor Justin Bruton shows Devin that a slight sway is causing him some issues with his ball-striking and he uses John Daly’s swing as an example of how to properly load weight into the trail leg.

If a backswing sway is an issue that you deal with from time to time, take a look at this swing analysis, because there’s a lot you can learn to help improve your own swing.

And to have your swing analyzed by Justin Bruton, click here.