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Take advantage of the par 3s to make more birdies

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Robert Streb was victorious at the McGladrey Classic on Sunday by way of a playoff, defeating Will MacKenzie and Brendon de Jonge.

Streb shut the door on de Jonge on the second playoff hole when on the par-3 17th he stuck an 8-iron to 4 feet and converted the birdie for the win.

We hear all the time how most golfers can quickly improve their scores by getting better with their short game and putting.

A lot of golfers definitely fall into that category, but to see real improvement you must learn to get the ball closer to the hole.

Par 3s are an excellent opportunity to not only hit the green in regulation but also get the ball close enough to make a birdie.

Here are a few tips to help you capitalize on par 3s:

Tee or no tee? I’m a firm believer that any time you can put the ball on a tee you are getting an advantage. That said, you only want to tee the ball up as high as it would be if you had a perfect lie in the fairway. However, if you are one of those players who excels with iron shots from tight lies in the fairway, then a tee may not be for you.

Club selection. For good ball-strikers, it is important to know your distances with every club so you can calculate the yardage, slope, and wind to choose the correct club. But if ball-striking isn’t your forte, pick a club that you have confidence in, as long as it is within a reasonable yardage.

Take dead aim. You will increase your chances of hitting the ball closer to the hole if you aim at the hole. To do this, you must also assess the risk vs. reward for taking dead aim. If the pin is in the center of the green, go for it. But if it’s tucked into a corner of the green guarded by bunkers, water hazards, or thick rough, you may want to consider a safer approach. Also consider club selection when choosing your target. Your odds of getting the ball close to the hole will increase with a shorter club in your hand.

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