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Tip of the Week: Hit down for more solid strikes

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Even for golfers who understand that hitting down on the ball is the goal with every club in the bag other than the driver, there is still a natural tendency to sometimes try to help the ball in the air.

And when golfers try to help the ball in the air, their weight stays on their back foot and inconsistent contact is the inevitable result.

That, of course, begs one simple question: How do you consistently hit down on the ball?

In this video segment, School of Golf host Martin Hall has a great practice tip that you can use to feel what it's like to hit down on the ball and get your weight moving toward the target, and all you'll need is a downslope.

As Hall explains, if you can keep swinging "down the slope," you'll feel what's is like to "chase" the ball through the hitting area, which will lead to more solid contact.

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