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Tip of the Week: Keep the club from getting stuck

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While many golfers struggle with an over-the-top move, there are also plenty of players who get the club stuck behind them in their swing, especially with the driver.

When this happens, you're at the mercy of your hands. You're likely to either hang on for dear life and hit a huge block, or release your hands and the clubhead and hit a violent hook, neither of which is a good option.

If getting stuck is an issue that you deal with, Brian Mogg has a great tip for you in this video, and all you'll need is a water bottle.

And at this time of year, there's no excuse to not have a water bottle handy.

Simply place the bottle where Mogg says and then keep the clubhead outside of the bottle going back and coming down.

If you can do that, the club will stay in front of your body, which is optimal, and the result will be more accurate shots, most notably off the tee.

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