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Tip of the Week: Proper alignment means face, body

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“One club in the water here is enough I think.” - on his faked re-enactment of his club toss from last year  - 

If you're not hitting the ball at your target consistently, the biggest mistake you can make is to assume that your swing is the problem.

After all, it could be an alignment issue, and if you start tweaking your swing as a result your game could soon be in a state of disarray.

That's why many believe proper alignment is the most important of golf's fundamentals, and in this video segment, Michael Breed, host of "The Golf Fix," is going to help you understand proper alignment.

So grab two alignment rods and make sure to get the clubface and your body squared up to the target.

If you do that, better shots are in your future, and you'll also be able to better troubleshoot when things go wrong.

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