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Video: Grip down on the club to find more fairways

Tiger Woods Merion rough 304
Getty Images

Coming into the 2013 U.S. Open, everyone knew the rough at Merion was going to pose tremendous challenges, but based on play thus far it might be even more difficult than many envisioned.

Finding plenty of fairways will be a must for whoever wins the 113th edition of the USGA’s most storied championship, but every golfer, no matter where they play, will have a better chance for success if they can get their ball in the fairway.

In this video segment, Michael Breed, host of The Golf Fix, has a simple tip that you can use to control your ball better off the tee and find more fairways.

So grip down on the club a bit and smooth out your swing, and you’ll find the center of the face more often, which will mean straighter shots without a loss of distance.

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