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Video: Perform on the greens when the pressure is on

Martin Hall Pressure Putting
Getty Images

If there’s one word that’s most synonymous with the Ryder Cup it would probably be pressure.

This weekend at Medinah, 24 elite golfers will be playing for not only their team but their countries as well, with the whole world watching intently. And that equates to immense pressure.

But it’s not just Ryder Cup players who face pressure on the golf course, you do as well, whether it be trying to win a club championship, attempting to beat your best friend on a Saturday morning or grinding to break 90 for the first time.

The reality is that golfers of all ability levels face pressure every time they play, and often times that pressure is most evident on the greens.

In this video segment, School of Golf host Martin Hall has four great tips to help you putt better under pressure.

Keep these thoughts in mind the next time you’re feeling the heat while standing over an important putt and there’s a good chance that you’ll get the job done.

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