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Weekly Fix: Better backswing plane and hip rotation

Weekly Fix segment 31
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Welcome back to Weekly Fix! I’m Tim Cooke and as is the case each week on we’re taking a closer look at your swings in hopes of helping you play better golf.

This week, we’re going to take a look at Alex’s golf swing.

Alex is a good player but he has a couple of issues that he’d like to shore up that we’re going to try to help him with.

More specifically, Alex wants to fix a backswing plane that’s too flat and rotate his hips better at impact, and those two areas will be the main focus in this week’s analysis.

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As a summary this week, the tips I would suggest that everyone take away from this analysis would include the following:

• If you tend to get the club too far to the inside and flat on the takeaway, your right arm is going to be too low and under the left arm too quickly. To fix this issue, at the halfway point going back, try to get your right arm on top of or above the left and you’ll be more upright and on plane.

• If you keep your head down too long through impact, there is no way that you can rotate your hips properly. Instead, let your head rotate with the club through impact and watch that ball fly.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Weekly Fix. Thanks for stopping by and keep sending us those videos at We’ll be back with a brand new edition next week right here at

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