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Weekly Fix: Finding the right tempo and swing path

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Welcome back to Weekly Fix! I’m Tim Cooke and each week on we’ll be taking a closer look at your swings in hopes of helping you play better golf.

This week, we’re going to analyze Ben’s golf swing.

Ben is a solid player but he feels like he hits too many shots to the left and would like to eliminate that miss from his game.

The good news, as we’ll explain in this week’s video, is that shoring up a tempo issue and a swing path issue should help Ben get rid of the shot that he dreads.

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In summary, some of the ideas I would suggest that everyone take away from this week’s analysis would include the following:

• We’ve talked about if before, but the club path at impact is critical. If your path is too much from out to in, your ball will curve away from the path and where it starts will be dictated by the angle of the clubface.

• The idea of swinging back 'nice and slow' isn’t always the right advice. If you generate a lot of speed in the downswing and through the ball, having a backswing that’s too slow can be a hindrance. A 3:1 ratio in terms of the time it takes to complete the backswing and downswing is a pretty good goal.

• If your upper body tends to move forward during the golf swing from the down the line perspective, you will find that it’s extremely difficult to have good arm extension at impact, which is a key ingredient when it comes to solid ball-striking.

That’s it for this edition of Weekly Fix. Keep sending us your videos at, and we’ll be back with a new edition right here next week.

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