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Weekly Fix: Proper coil and fixing a hang-back move

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Welcome back to Weekly Fix. I’m Tim Cooke and we’re breaking down your swings every week on in hopes of helping you play better golf.

This week, we’re going to take a closer look at Grant’s golf swing.

Grant has a very good swing and there are a couple of things he does well that everyone can learn from, as I’ll discuss in this week’s video.

But if we can help him eliminate a “hang back” on the downswing and at impact, more consistent ball-striking will be the likely result.

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In summary, some of the ideas I would suggest that everyone take away from this analysis would include the following:

• In your backswing, you want your trail hip to rotate but not sway and you should feel some pressure on your right side (for a right-handed player), especially in your right glute. If that's what you're feeling, you're most likely making a proper coil.

• If you look at your golf swing on video, at the top of your swing you want to try to get the clubface and your lead arm lined up at about 45 degrees. That will put you in excellent position for your downswing.

• If your upper body moves away from the target on the downswing and through impact, you're hanging back, and there's a good chance you'll deal with blocks and hooks when your timing is off.

Thanks for tuning in to this week’s edition of Weekly Fix. Keep sending your videos to, and we’ll be back with an all-new edition next week.

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