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Weekly Fix: Unlock your hips to create more power

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Welcome back to Weekly Fix! I’m Tim Cooke and we’re taking a look at your golf swings on

This week, we’re going to analyze James’ swing and he does some very nice things in his golf swing.

Most notably, James does a great job of sequencing his downswing by starting down with his lower body leading the way, something that everyone should try to do.

The one thing, however, that I’d like to see James work on is making more of a hip turn in his backswing, which as we’ll discuss in our analysis, will help him drive the ball with more accuracy and power.

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As a quick summary, the tips I would suggest that everyone take away from this week’s analysis would include the following:

• Weve talked about it before, but the sequence of movements in the downswing starts from the ground up and the first move should be the lower body moving toward the target.

• If you have limited hip turn in your backswing, without incredible leg drive through the ball it will be tough to hit slightly up on a driver, which is optimal when it comes to maximizing distance.

• Golfers are often told that they need to make a good turn or coil. If youre doing that, you should expect to feel some pressure at the top of your backswing (for a right-handed player) in your right heel and right glute.

That’s it for this week’s edition of Weekly Fix. Keep sending us those videos at, and we’ll be back with a brand new edition next week right here at

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