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Best Quotes from Faldo and Miller From Hyundai Coverage

For the first time in Golf Channel history Nick Faldo and Johnny Miller shared the broadcasting booth.  This past weekend they served as co-analysts for PGA TOUR’s season opener, Hyundai Tournament of Champions. 

It is never a dull moment when you get Faldo and Miller in the same room.  In case you missed any of the coverage, here is some of the witty banter between Faldo and Miller which doesn't always include talking about golf, they also talk a little surfing and even marriage advice!  

And we are sure to be in for a treat today starting at 3PM ET as Faldo and Miller are LIVE from Hawaii for Round 4. 

Faldo and Miller talk about surfing: 

Faldo: Did you used to go paddle boarding and surfing when you used to play your events Johnny?
Miller: No
Faldo: I didn’t either.
Miller: I did a little fishing but that’s it.
Faldo: Well, at least if you go fishing, the worst that can happen is you get the fly stuck in the back of your head.
Miller: Yeah, that’s not the worst thing is it.

How Faldo and Miller Prep for covering the Hyundai Tournament of Champions: 

Terry Gannon: It can sneak up on you though, with the wind, especially the opening holes here, if you take it for granted, Nick.
Faldo: Absolutely.  It’s very interesting.  Johnny sounds so good folks, he’s got all of these stats in front of him.  All of these numbers.
Miller: Hey, what’s wrong with that?
Gannon: And here is what Faldo has in front of him.
Faldo: Yep, here is my information for the week (holding a Golf Channel coffee mug).
Marriage Advice from Miller: 
Hicks: If you don’t get off to a good start, you have this beautiful surf behind you.  People with their families over here.  It is an interesting mix of pleasure and business.
Miller: Well let’s put it this way.  There’s not too many players without their wives or family.  If they left them home, there is a little problem, I think.
Faldo: Marriage guidance by Johnny Miller.

Talking About the Plantation Course:

Miller: When they built this course, they built it to handle wind.  Big greens, big fairways, like the 18th hole has a 90-yard wide fairway, so you can sort of bomb it around on a lot of the holes.
Faldo: (Shaking his head): See, he is exaggerating already.  74.
Miller: I walked it this morning.
Faldo: I’ve got 74 and you’ve got 90.
Miller: Well you’ve got those little short English legs.
Hicks: Just a taste folks.  It’s going to be a long ride

Steve Stricker is leading the Hyundai Tournament of Champions.  Catch the final round of coverage today to see if Stricker will walk away with his first win of the season today LIVE at 3 & 9PM ET only on Golf Channel. Click here to stay up-to-date with the latest scores.