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'7 Nights': Sure sand shots from Faldo, Miller

7 Nights at The Academy Nick Faldo
Getty Images

Like many amateur golfers, you probably have a knack for finding the bunker and an even harder time getting out of it.  Have no fear, watch '7 Nights at The Academy' tonight at 7 p.m. ET and two-time major champion Johnny Miller and six-time major champion Nick Faldo will give you tips from the sand.

Miller will share his thoughts on all aspects of the bunker game including shots from greenside and fairway bunkers.

Faldo will focus on showing beginners how to find the line in the sand. He will show you how to work hard on hitting that line on a flat lie, on a down slope and on an up slope. Most importantly, Sir Nick will show you how to have fun in the bunker.

Saturday, Faldo and Raymond Floyd talk putting drills. 

Sunday is the series finale and another chance to participate in a live chat 'The Golf Fix' host Michael Breed.  Go to at 7 p.m. ET on Sunday for a chance to have all your golf questions answered.