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Golf Advisor Round Trip Premieres Wed 5/2 at 8PM ET

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Golf Advisor Round Trip is a 30-minute series taking viewers around the world to showcase breath-taking golf destinations. The show will be hosted by expert golf traveller and Golf Advisor’s Editor-at-Large, Matt Ginella; he will offer advice aiming to not only inform, but also inspire viewers to plan their next golf travel adventure by showcasing the ultimate itinerary.

The premiere episode will visit dazzling Danzante Bay on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, featuring its dramatic and picturesque landscape that consists of beaches, canyons and cliffs. Host Matt Ginella will get a chance to play the all-new TPC Danzante Bay with its architect Rees Jones, while taking some time to enjoy whale watching on the Sea of Cortez and some friendly competition against Los Angeles Lakers, legend Byron Scott.

Other destinations scheduled to be featured on Golf Advisor Round Trip in 2018 include:

  • Big Cedar Lodge
  • Reynolds Lake Oconee
  • Myrtle Beach
  • Ireland

The most fascinating aspect of this show is that Golf Advisor will give its viewers the opportunity to experience it all with Matt Ginella and other Golf Advisor personalities featured in the shows through Golf Advisor Getaways.  Matt Ginella (or the other personalities) will serve as host and trip ‘captain’, organizing a top-notch itinerary that will not only include unbelievable golf, but also side-trips, entertainment and exquisite dining.

Scheduled Golf Advisor Getaways in 2018 include:

  • Sept. 9-12:  Big Cedar Lodge
  • Oct. 21-24:  Reynolds Lake Oconee
  • Dec. 7-10:  Danzante Bay