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The Golf Journey of Lifetime

Our Longest Drive
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Three buddies, along with the ashes of their friend, set out on the adventure of a lifetime driving over 5,500 miles to play one last round of golf in honor of their deceased friend in the Arctic Circle. Our Longest Drive, a six-part series, premiering tonight at 10:30PM ET follows Vic Zast, Dan Johnson, Jim Thompson and Mike Allen (whose ashes are along for the ride in a cherry wood box) as these past retirement age friends trek ahead in a RV for the journey of a lifetime. Each man shares a love for the game of golf, each other, and embraces a common goal to honor Mike with this journey.  It is more than just a road trip with the guys. It is about friendship, loss, discovery and adventure.  

Click here to learn more about Vic, Dan, Jim and Mike and how this journey got started. Watch a sneak peak of tonight’s premiere of Our Longest Drive at 10:30PM ET and every Tuesday at 10:30PM ET.