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'7 Nights': Miller, Floyd, Faldo share favorite lessons

7 Nights at The Academy Johnny Miller
Getty Images

The holidays are coming a bit early for golf fans. Don’t miss your chance to watch the pros’ favorite lessons they have learned over the years on 7 Nights at The Academy tonight at 7PM ET. 

First, two-time major champion Johnny Miller will share his favorite lessons on how to properly address the ball and how impact and follow-through will give you the perfect golf swing. 

Six-time major champion Sir Nick Faldo’s favorite lessons is on getting through the golf ball and getting a full finish. Faldo says too many golfers spend too much time concentrating on just trying to hit the ball. Instead, he will show you how to get out of that mindset with “Kiss the Knees”, a tip for a better release of the right side. 

Finally, four-time major champion Raymond Floyd will show you the fundamentals of achieving a successful golf swing. Floyd’s lessons will include everything from club grip to setup to pre-shot routine.  Plus, we get Floyd to reveal the secrets to his Hall of Fame career.

Plus, click here to watch bonus tips from Miller, Faldo and Floyd, as well as behind-the-scenes videos and photos from each video shoot. 

Get your golf questions ready and help us kick off 7 Nights at The Academy with a LIVE chat with The Golf Fix host, Michael Breed.  Click here to participate in the LIVE chat tonight at 7PM ET.