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Watch '7 Nights at The Academy' Dec. 12-18

7 Nights at The Academy
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Just because most of the country is freezing or covered with snow doesn’t mean you can’t improve your golf game! Tune in to Golf Channel Dec. 12-18 each night at 7PM ET, to watch '7 Nights at The Academy' where legends Johnny Miller, Raymond Floyd and Nick Faldo give you golf lessons to improve all aspects of your game.  

By the end of the week you will have the tools you need to bring your game to an all-new level. So get your clubs out from the closet and get ready to get schooled by the most well-known and respected names in golf. 

To kick off '7 Nights at The Academy,' don’t miss your chance to participate in a LIVE chat on with 'The Golf Fix' host, Michael Breed Dec. 12 at 7PM ET. 

Here is the line-up and topics for every show next week on Golf Channel! 

Monday, Dec. 12 7PM ET: Favorite Lessons from Johnny Miller, Raymond Floyd & Sir Nick Faldo
Tuesday, Dec. 13 7PM ET: Driving Lessons from Raymond Floyd & Sir Nick Faldo
Wednesday, Dec. 14 7PM ET: Iron Game Lessons from Johnny Miller & Sir Nick Faldo
Thursday, Dec. 15 7PM ET: Short Game Lessons from Raymond Floyd & Johnny Miller 
Friday, Dec. 16 7PM ET: Bunker Game Lessons from Sir Nick Faldo & Johnny Miller 
Saturday, Dec. 17 7PM ET: Putting Lessons from Sir Nick Faldo & Raymond Floyd 
Sunday, Dec. 18 7PM ET: Viewer Specials with Johnny Miller, Sir Nick Faldo & Raymond Floyd answering viewer questions