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Hometown O-Town

So far on GolfNow, I've taken you to the West Coast of Ireland, Hawaii and South Carolina... and each location has blown us away with beautiful landscapes, great food, and fun people. But you simply cannot do a show about great golf destinations without going to Orlando. Lucky for me, I happen to know a LOT about the 'City Beautiful'. I was born here! That's right, a true-blue Florida Native - we do exist! 

As your guide, I'm always going to give you fun things to do, really good food to eat, and stellar places to tee off. When it came to the food, 4 Rivers was an awakening. I may be from here, but you can always find new places to grab a bite in Orlando... and that is hands-down the best BBQ. No kidding here! This was the best brisket I have ever had… and the best jalapeño bacon bites... AND crispy cream bread pudding - I really could go on and on. I even used 4 Rivers to cater my sister's baby shower last weekend!

As for my Floridian friends, Christina Kim 'WHOOOOOOO'-ed me! No caffeine necessary when you're with THIS girl! She is fun times 10, and I can't wait to see what this year has in store for her. Then, there's the King, Arnold Palmer himself, and it was a true experience to be able to interview him right before the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He is a class act and the reason why we can all tune into Golf Channel in the first place - Go Arnie!

This city has it all: Great nightlife, family activities, fast cars and insane golf!

The must-do in Orlando: If you happen to be here in late March, head out to the Arnold Palmer Invitational! ... but if your trip lands on any of the other 358 days out of the year, head to Gatorland. Where else can you wrestle an Alligator!? 

Best time to go: Year round, baby!!!! But if you're not a fan of the humidity and the daily, 30-minute, afternoon sunshower... you might want to avoid June-August. But sunny and 75 degrees in January? Now we're talking!

My Guest List: Your best circle of friends. With so much to do (theme parks, amazing courses, Downtown Orlando nightlife, 30 minutes from the beach!), you'll never run out of things to do...and THAT'S a guarantee from one of Orlando's own!