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A vote for golf's story of the year

Golf Talk Central
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USC lost its national championship, Ohio State lost its coach, its star quarterback and some shine off those fancy helmets.

All in a week's news cycle where the world of big-time college sports continues to see it's biggest programs find some of the biggest trouble imaginable.

As a breath of fresh air golf gave us Augusta State. Division II in all sports but golf – where they're Division I – and No. 1 for the second straight year.

Four seniors, one junior and one coach are all leaving in the dreamiest of dream endings. The Jaguars beat state and and national power Georgia Tech, host school and favorite Oklahoma State and then state Big Dawgs Georgia.

Hardly a mention on the national sports landscape, to me this is golf's best story this year. And when those 2011 'team of the year' nominees come out, I hope somebody remembers.