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Apparently the Euros are already on the board

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The Ryder Cup matches aren’t officially underway and Europe’s already 1 up.

At least that’s what one British report would have you believe in a depiction that makes it sound as if Europe’s outperforming the Americans in preparation for Friday’s start.

American audiences might find writer Mark Reason’s perspective irksome in a story in the British newspaper the Telegraph.

Read for yourself:

Colin Montgomerie is leading his troops with a smile Already, he has encouraged a spring in his team that was missing two years ago.

Ask Edoardo Molinari who has been the loudest person in the team room and the answer is 'Monty'. Graeme McDowell described Montgomerie as phenomenal and said: 'I talked about not having the X-Factor in the team room two years ago in Valhalla, I really feel we have that this week.' . . .

And then Tiger Woods came into the room. It was if the Grim Reaper had dropped in for tea. Of course that is one of the reasons Woods is so successful against individual opponents. He sucks the energy from their marrow. He is said to have gone up to Rory McIlroy recently and responded to the young man saying he wanted to be drawn against him by saying: 'Be careful what you wish for.'

Woods handles words like excitement with a long spoon. It can be intimidating, but it can also leave his own team members in the deep freeze. When Dustin Johnson was asked who brought the energy into America's team room he said: 'It's coming from everybody.' It was not convincing, particularly delivered in the laconic drawl of a sun-cooked man who does not twitch when a fly lands on his eyelid.

 Every recent Ryder Cup has been won by the team with McDowell's 'X-factor' in the team room. The early signs in Wales are that Montgomerie's Europeans are starting to ramp it up.

Corey Pavin is coming across like a man with too many ideas and too little pep,just like Tom Lehman four years ago. Almost every time that the US captain has been asked about Woods he has answered without mentioning him by name, but by making 'the team' the subject of his answer. It comes across as contrived and evasive.

Anyone eager to see this thing begin?