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Appleby angered at how PGA ended

Dustin Johnson wasn’t the first person to be bitten by the rulebook at Whistling Straits. During the third round of the 2004 PGA Championship, Stuart Appleby was assessed a four-shot penalty for removing a piece of dead grass and grounding his club in a bunker. He went on to finish T-17, five shots out of a playoff. Perhaps it’s no coincidence, then, that Appleby had this to say Monday via Twitter:

“I'm very pissed and angered that this is way the 2010 PGA came to an end. It was listed in many parts of the caddy and player areas of this unique rule for the week. Dustin and caddy are ultimately responsible for their actions....but WTH.

“I think that they need to make significant changes to the course that has hundreds of pointless bunkers that patrons have to walk through to view players.

“The PGA says that their [sic] a part of the game and to be treated as hazards. Never seen patrons walking through bunkers in any other professional event (world wide) try that at Augusta.

“Then I see them using leaf blowers to fluff up the rough to make the course harder (did they have them 100 years ago, think not)

“We go back there in 2015 I hear.

“What's the next sad story to unfold in Wisconsin?

“Stay tuned in 5 years time...