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At home or not at home

SHEBOYGAN, Wis. – Sure, Steve Stricker is the most notable Wisconsinite in at the PGA Championship and he’s reminded of his roots almost everywhere he turns. Everywhere, that is, other than on the golf course.

Stricker, who has a chance to become the No. 1 player this week with a victory and some help from Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods, said Wednesday that Whistling Straits makes this major feel more like the British Open than it does a PGA Championship in his home state.

“When I drive here it feels like home,” he said. “I’m staying about 25 minutes away and all I see is corn, soybeans and cows. But when I get here it doesn’t feel like home at all. So it’s funny, I feel at home but yet when I get out on the course I don’t. It’s a little bit different style than what we’re accustomed to.”