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Blasbergs father not satisfied with death investigation

The four-month investigation into Erica Blasberg’s death is coming to a close, but her father doesn’t appear satisfied with findings he believes will be incomplete, according to

Blasberg, 25, an LPGA pro, was found dead in her Henderson, Nev., home on May 9. Mel Blasberg, Erica’s father, expressed concern over the nature of his daughter’s relationship with a doctor named Thomas Hess. According to the web site, Hess made a 911 call from Erica’s home on the afternoon she was found dead and that a prescription, written by Hess, was discovered in Erica’s home.

Hess’ offices were searched four days after Blasberg’s death, according to the news report, with police seizing computers, video cameras, a cell phone and white plastic trash bags similar to one found near Erica’s body.

No cause of death has yet been released.

Mel Blasberg told that he is not certain of the nature of Hess’ relationship with his daughter and is troubled that after an initial interview with police the doctor has hired a lawyer and not answered further questions for police.

'I really believe where they are right now is trying to figure out what they want to do, if anything, with Hess,' Mel Blasberg said. 'Even though there are ample areas to pursue, they might feel it's not worthy to pursue criminally.'

A Henderson police spokesman told that there is no person of interest in the investigation.

“I'm not happy with the length of the investigation,' Mel Blasberg told the website. 'I'm trying very hard not to believe that it has been compromised.

'I think the police are totally intimidated by the high profile of the case. I believe it's a concern that there's a doctor very much at the center of this investigation.'

Mel Blasberg said he plans to pursue a civil suit against the doctor.