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Bubba doles out excuses, wants to go home

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Three weeks ago, Chubby Chandler – agent to golf’s international superstars – lauded Bubba Watson’s decision to compete in a few global tournaments during the year.

“By playing the French Open and Scandinavian Masters, and maybe Asia at the end of the year, that will make Bubba more of a global player,” Chandler told “The younger Americans should definitely follow what Bubba’s doing. He will become very popular doing this. He’s already popular in the United States, but Americans will like seeing him compete elsewhere, just as Europeans like to see their players being successful in the United States.”

Instead, Watson posted scores of 74-74 to miss the cut in France this week – and it appears his joie de vivre has been flushed with the eau de toilette.

Citing poor security and boorish fan behavior, Watson partially blamed outside sources for his play at Le Golf National.

'It's not a normal tournament,' Watson told reporters. 'There's cameras, there's phones, there's everything. There's no security. I don't know which holes to walk through. There's no ropes.

'I'm not used to that. I'm not saying it's bad. It's just something I'm not used to, I'm not comfortable with. It's very strange to me. Just very uncomfortable.'

Watson maintained that he’ll still compete in the upcoming Open Championship – a tournament in which he’s missed the cut each of the last two years – but he isn’t exactly looking forward to it.

'I miss my home,' he said. 'I'll play the British Open because it's a major; that's the only reason,' Watson said. 'I'm going to go sightseeing real quick and then probably sightsee tomorrow [and] get home as fast as possible.'