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Clarke puts down Guinness, picks up a trainer

Darren Clarke
Getty Images

After a five-month victory lap around the world, Open champion Darren Clarke has hunkered down and rededicated himself to fitness for a final run.

“My golf career has been extended somewhat by winning the Open Championship, and I just thought that enough is enough, and it was time to get myself into better shape,” Clarke wrote on his blog this week.

Clarke has hired Belfast-based trainer Jonny Bloomfield to get him back into shape. Bloomfield came at the recommendation of Lee Westwood’s trainer, Steve MacGregor.

The Ulsterman has shelved the Guinness with the hope of a great 2012 season, which begins this week in South Africa at the Volvo Golf Champions at Fancourt.

“Therefore, my alcohol consumption is taking a massive dint...currently down to zero! However, no pain, no gain, and I'm very excited about the route that we're going down - it's a long road, but I will give it my best shot,” he wrote.