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Clinton pokes fun at Vice President Biden

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While Rory McIlroy was destroying the field at the U.S. Open a few weeks ago, four American politicians were having their own little golf tournament. The executive battery of President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden joined House Speaker and Ohio Republican John Boehner, and guest Ohio Governor John Kasich.

In a bit of reaching across the aisle, Obama and Boehner competed together in a $2 match against Biden and Kasich. The latter duo lost despite Biden being the best of the bunch.

President Bill Clinton took note of Biden’s reported score of 89 from that Saturday round at Andrews Air Force Base and phoned the second-in-line to see if he threw the match for political progress.

From Politico’s Mike Allen:

“I called Joe Biden, who’s the best golfer in the foursome, and carded an 89,” Clinton told the Aspen Ideas Festival on Saturday evening.

“I said, ‘Joe, I don’t mind if you go to funerals. I don’t mind if have to do go to budget [talks]. But, you know, no vice president should have to throw a golf game to make America a better place [laughter].’  And he proceeded to swear to me he didn’t throw it.”

Perhaps Biden did throw the match to earn a few preemptive brownie points for the next time the group plays and the Vice President decides to pay homage to the Commander-in-Chief’s drive by using his health care bill-signing line, “That’s [expletive]-ing huge!”