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Compton cool like Fonzie

WHITE SULPHUR SPRINGS, W.Va. – Pulp Fiction is by far my favorite movie. In the final scene when Jules (Samuel L. Jackson) asks the stick-up lady to describe Fonzie from Happy Days, there was a simple one-word answer.


That word described Erik Compton perfectly after his best round on the PGA TOUR. When I spoke to him after his round, he was cool. He calmly answered the questions. He easily moved from interview to interview without losing his easy smile and his even-keeled demeanor.

It may be different for him on the inside. He has said he cannot control a rapid heart beat like you and me after his transplant surgeries. Someone with that condition would be best served to keep unnecessary adrenaline out of his system if avoidable. He admits to having the same frustrations every golfer has. And he is not a robot (see Randall Mell's brilliant article in this Shag Bag blog).

But, when he had his moment to do something special, he capitalized. He did it cool. And that may be just the demeanor that can carry him past being the golfer with two heart transplants to being the golfer with a PGA Tour win.

Would that be cool? Correctamundo!