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Sobel: Breaking down 'The Golf Boys' video

Golf Talk Central
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BETHESDA, Md. – It’s a little embarrassing. OK, it’s a lot embarrassing. Like watching a movie with your parents and having to endure a nude scene.

It’s also a little catchy. No, it won’t be mistaken for “Stairway to Heaven” anytime soon, but worse music has not only been produced, it gets frequent airplay on top-40 radio stations.

Most importantly, though, it’s different (click here to see video).

If nothing else, “The Golf Boys” are breaking down stereotypes.

Remember when professional golfers were thought of as boring guys in khakis? The “boy band” featuring Ben Crane, Rickie Fowler, Bubba Watson and Hunter Mahan released a music video for their song “Oh Oh Oh” on Tuesday.

And there was no khaki to be found.

Crane wore the helmet and unitard he popularized in other viral videos; Fowler looked like a pseudo-rapper; Watson donned overalls and a healthy dose of chest hair; and Mahan was dressed as, well, a pimp.

Their look is some eclectic mixture of The Village People meet Menudo – not that there’s anything wrong with that. The music is best described as an acquired taste. The video actually has some high production value and looks like something that would appear on MTV – you know, if MTV played music videos.

Love it or hate it, you’ve got to hand it to “The Golf Boys”: At least they’re not boring.

The video and song were a giant leap toward creativity and marketing players’ personality in a sport which desperately needs guys to stand out from the crowd. Let’s hope this is only the beginning, with more players choosing to show a side of themselves we don’t often witness inside the ropes.

Crane, Fowler, Watson and Mahan went out on a limb to display their personalities to the public. You don’t need to clap along to the beat of “Oh Oh Oh” in order to applaud the effort.