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Discussion: Should belly putters be banned?

Webb Simpson
Getty Images

Belly putters have been used on Tour for several years; Paul Azinger was the first to win with one back at the 2000 Sony Open.  Sparked largely by Keegan Bradley's PGA Championship victory, though, a debate has grown as to whether or not these putters should be allowed by rule.  The questions have only grown louder recently, as Webb Simpson has now won two tournaments in the last month using a belly putter, and Phil Mickelson even experimented with one at the Deutsche Bank Championship this past weekend.  Some claim that anchoring the putter to the body creates an unfair advantage; others find this to be part of the game's natural advancement and progression, along with improvements like steel shafts and two-piece balls.  Which side do you favor...are belly putters part of the future of the game?  Or do they need to be outlawed for giving players an unfair advantage?

*Discussion: Should belly putters be banned?

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